For Fantasy and Sci-Fi fans… ;-)

March 27, 2017

Attention, book lovers! If you love Fantasy and/or Science Fiction, this is definitely for you.

A bunch of really cool Fantasy and Sci-Fi authors are releasing a box set of 22 brand new full length novels only available in this particular box set collection. It is called Dominion Rising....
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Happy Read an E-Book Week

March 5, 2017

Some years ago, when the ebooks just appeared, many unrecognized writers saw them as a brilliant opportunity to get their work into the hands of the readers. ...
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To Inspire You

November 4, 2016

Have you ever stopped in admiration in front of a magnificent stained-glass window of a cathedral? Do you remember how it turns the light into breathtakingly marvelous patterns and pictures?...
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Huge Special Book Promo on Smashwords!

July 2, 2016

If you are a book lover and an avid reader, you will certainly enjoy it: Smashwords is doing a big Special Promotion that lasts the whole month of July...
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I Am My Own Rescue!

January 8, 2016

No one can rescue yourself but you! So simple and so true. Being your own rescue means taking action. Being your own rescue means...
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Book description: a quick word

December 26, 2014

When I pick a book to read, my choice is influenced by the following elements:
1. The cover 2. The title 3. The description
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Hero Festival: my experience

December 15, 2014

On November 7th and 8th I have participated with my book Raven Boy at the first edition of the Hero Festival in Marseille.

It was a very refreshing and inspiring experience.
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Hero Festival – The First Edition

October 24, 2014

I’m super excited because I will be participating for the very first time in my life in the HeroFestival ® in Marseille, France!
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The importance of free preview chapters

September 16, 2014

Preview chapters are a great way to captivate attention, to spark curiosity, to give the desire of wanting more of it.
Having on your website a free chapter or two available and well visible can be that last drop that makes your visitor push the Buy button.
A free chapter can also be a cool way to make people subscribe to your mail list.
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Author website optimization tips

September 10, 2014

Following my previous post, here is more on do’s and don’ts for the author’s websites.
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The importance of your website

August 27, 2014

Every author needs social media. It’s a great way to connect and stay in touch with your fans, to announce your events and new releases etc. However, no social media equals your own website. Consider it being your own virtual home. It’s a proof that you are serious about your book.
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Getting your book reviewed – strategy 2

August 11, 2014

Is it really that bad to buy a review for your book? I believe as far as this review is honest, it’s totally OK and can even be very effective. It’s just that when you pay for something, you are 90% sure to have the job done and on time. And there is quite a lot of recognized amazon reviewers who actually earn money for writing their reviews. 
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How to get a lot of book reviews – strategy 1

July 28, 2014

Getting your book reviewed requires some work and research. I’d like to talk about one awesome way to get reviews that I discovered recently by pure chance.
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About negative book reviews

July 22, 2014

There is no author who has never received a bad review. Even better – the more popular the book is, the more negative reviews you can find for it.
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Happy International Authors’ Day!

July 14, 2014

Happy International Authors' Day everyone!
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How to optimize your KDP book cover

July 10, 2014

Most people won’t read your book description if the book cover didn’t attract their attention.
I am not a designer and when I was publishing my first book I had no budget to hire one, so I had to figure out on my own how to deal with the book cover issue.
So, here is my advice on the matter:
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How to optimize images inside your Kindle ebook

July 3, 2014

Images are the tricky part in your Kindle book formatting. First of all, some restrictions are to be respected when you are creating and formatting your book. And, most importantly, as far as your ebook will be read on different devices (iPad, Kindle, Kindle Fire…), you want your pictures to look good in every single one of them.
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Amazon KDP: How to put your book into a category that is not listed

June 29, 2014

On Amazon, you are allowed to pick only 2 category. And your choice matters a lot, because the wider is the category you pick up, the harder it will be to get on top of it and to get some extra promotion from Amazon. 
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How to optimize your fiction book’s metadata on Amazon

June 19, 2014

The metadata of your book is important because it helps the search engines to find it.
On Amazon, it consists of 8 components:
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How to do an HTML book description on Amazon

June 12, 2014

Every author would like his or her book description to look sharp, enticing and professional. And the only way to do it on Amazon is to add to it the appropriate HTML tags.
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Amazon Author Central: Claim Your Author Page On Foreign Platforms

June 5, 2014

My y/a fiction book Raven Boy has been published on Amazon for over a year, and the Amazon store links for it are different for different countries. So I thought that it would be great to have author profiles for each and everyone of these stores.
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A very useful resource for authors ;-)

May 14, 2014

As an indie author, I am discovering everything on this path on my own, through guesses and mistakes. So, I think it would be only fair to share the things that I’ve learned and discovered so that it would make it easier for somebody else. 
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Peacock ;-)

May 11, 2014

For the very first time in my life, I actually saw a real peacock displaying its tail… The sight is truly breathtaking: 
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April in Marseille

April 22, 2014

Spring is always fascinating. The nature wakes up and flourishes, and the returning warmth is not only very pleasant, but also greatly lifts up the mood. 
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How it feels to hold a printed copy of your own book

January 31, 2014

I’ve always wondered how it felt for the author to hold a printed copy of his/her own book.

Well, finally I know… 
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Chocolate – the everdelicious!..

December 25, 2013

Being a huuuuuuuge fan of chocolate, I figured it would be wrong not to have at least one post related to it ;-) So, here we go… 
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More on author resources ;-)

November 24, 2013

When you are an indie writer, you absolutely need a little help with reviews, interviews… or just some advice.
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Why I read

November 16, 2013

Some stories are drawing like magnets, making us dive into the wonderful and miraculous world of the author’s imagination, and, personally, it inspires me and stimulates my own fantasy.I hated learning to read. However, my grand-ma figured a remedy to that...
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Paris : Shooting a video clip for Alexander – R

October 18, 2013

The best thing about being an interpreter is that you get an insider glance into more things and domains that your curiosity could yearn for.
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A huge book and ebook giveaway by BookGoodies

October 14, 2013

Book Goodies is a website where you can find a lot of free books, author’s info, interviews and so on. For all those who love reading, it’s definitely a place to stop by.
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“Raven Boy” free on Amazon

October 1st, 2013

From October 2nd to October 6th midnight, my ebook Raven Boy is going free on Amazon.

Here is the link : 

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

August 26, 2013

The main purpose of my coming was visiting the Viking Ship Museum to gather some new information and to verify some of my guesses that I used in my book Raven Boy and in my drafts of the sequel to it, Anna.
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An Upcoming trip: the Viking ship museum

August 3rd, 2013

Every writer does some research while working on his/her book. Mostly, it's done through books and internet. But nothing can compare to the excitement of actually living the experience in real life...
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Abandoned & Angel

July 30, 2013

(A short story by K. Kei)
All he ever wanted was love...
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The Dream of Parachutes

20 June 2013
Yesterday evening I stumbled by pure chance upon an e-book by Sadie Mills “Parachutes and Peppermints“. The mere magical word “parachutes” made me do a u-turn and grab the book – who in the whole world has never dreamed of flying?.. ;-)

Well, I have dreamed of it ever since I remember myself, and as far as the planes could not provide me with a satisfactory sensations (I had not have a chance yet to pilot them…), parachutes and skydiving were for a long time a constant part of my dreams.

Until finally, two years ago, I actually took the decision and in just two weeks did first the para-sailing, and then the paragliding. I was doing it with a friend of mine, ’cause I guess I would have never dared to do it alone, but together seemed like a good way to go. Read more...