A Christmas Story Challenge

It was a Thursday, December 7th. It has started snowing the previous night and the snow was still falling. The small town looked particularly cute covered with snow. The festive mood was already there, even though it was not Christmas yet.

I walked into a small cafe and ordered a cup of hot chocolate and a croissant. The cafe was almost empty - an old man sat by the window reading a newspaper,  a married couple with two boys and a baby occupied two tables, and two old ladies sat in the corner talking.

The waiter brought me my order with a bill that was folded in two on a small plastic tray, as usual. I took the pleasantly warm cup and inhaled the heavenly smell of the drink. I love hot chocolate. It makes me think of my childhood: on long winter evenings, grandma used to make hot chocolate for me, and I would sit by the window slowly drinking it and watching the snowflakes fall outside.

Smiling at the memories, I took a small sip of his drink. It was delicious. In this small cafe they know how to make hot chocolate the way I love it – not too sweet and not too strong.

I took another sip and reached for the bill to busy my hands with something. But there was no bill. Instead, I was holding a small note. Written in small neat handwriting on a piece of yellowish paper that was most likely used to wrap things up, it read:


This is how the story begins. Now, it's up to you to finish it ;-) It can be just one sentence, or several chapters, as you want.

Everyone can participate, you don’t have to be a writer. You don’t have to register or to pay, and the story that you will write is all yours. You can give it as a gift to your friends and family, if you want.

(If you don't want to copy-paste, here is a .doc version of the beginning of the story)

To make it even more exciting, I will throw in some prizes. Post your story on my FB page (https://www.facebook.com/KaterynaKei/) before December 26th, 2017. Like it and share it with your friends and relatives. The story that will get the most FB likes will win an Amazon gift card for $25. The second and the third best story will get a physical copy of my book Raven Boy. I might add some more prizes, depending on the number of participants ;-)

Just make sure you share your story from my FB page, otherwise I won’t be able to count your likes.

Have fun with it! ;-)