Hi, I am Kateryna. I am very happy to meet you :-)

As you have probably guessed, I am an avid book reader. Quite early books became my teachers and entertainers. They were constantly saving me from boredom at school ;-) (I used to put paper covers on all my books and then I could read fiction during the lessons without being caught.).

I started writing after having read Penrod by Booth Tarkington. Penrod, the main character, was secretly writing down stories that he was imagining, and I thought that it might be a really fascinating thing to do, because it would allow to save all the stories I was coming up with. And I started doing it just for me.

I did not want to become a writer though – to me this profession seemed not cool (to me as a teenager poets were the most boring people in the world, and writers were sort of close). My dream back then was to become a singer songwriter. I was playing piano and flute and I started writing songs and even doing small shows with a couple of friends. I have managed even to record several of my songs (you can listen to some of them in the Bonus section, if you want).

But a singing career did not seem serious to my parents, so we agreed that I must get a University degree before doing anything else. So, I got my Masters in Marketing and Foreign Languages.

Today I work as an interpreter / translator. I love this job, because it allows me to discover a lot of interesting things about a wide variety of industries, businesses and subjects, and most importantly, it allows me to travel.

As for my other hobbies, I love Irish dancing. I am lucky to have the most wonderful teachers of Irish dancing in the world and the most amazing team of dancers who learn it with me.


Raven Boy is my first published book. It is a book how I like to read it. It represents an important achievement to me. Not just because it takes a lot of motivation and perseverance to write and publish a book, but because the hardest part for me was to bring myself to show it to someone. I was very uncomfortable with the idea that someone might read what I have imagined and crafted in the privacy of my mind. To me reading a book I love is a private process. And the fact that I not only showed it, but published it is a big victory, a huge expansion of my comfort zone ;-)

So, thank you very-very much for stopping by and for reading my book! You know how much your attention means to me!

Feel free to ask questions or send me your remarks.


Now that I have told you about myself, I would love to hear about YOU. Anything you would like to share with me is very welcome! Write me via Facebook, Goodreads, or at contact (at) katerynakei(dot)com

 Thanks for reading me ;-)