Step 1

Casey Adams’ story left me breathless. Finding his notebook was definitely the best thing that could have happened to me. I don’t know how many times I mentally thanked the thief who stole Casey’s bag for not having thrown his notebook into a closest trash bin.

I know this notebook is precious, just as Casey’s story is, and I really want to give it back to him. For that, I need to find Casey Adams. The Casey Adams from Oakland, CA who did a Master’s in Aerodynamics and most likely traveled to The Hague at a certain period of time* (I have been able to determine the time period exactly, but this, and a couple of other details must be kept secret to make it possible to sort out the impostors).

My first step was to publish a post on Facebook & Twitter


I don’t know anyone in San Francisco area, but my friends from Florida and Washington were eager to help. Soon announcements were posted on Craigslist and some other local platforms; two girls even traveled to Oakland, CA, and spent a whole day pasting and distributing posters there.
Yet, no one found Casey.