Step 2

I wanted to make sure I did everything in my power to find Casey, so I started a parallel research. I went to The Hague.

I’m not exactly super comfortable going and talking to anyone and everyone. However, Casey’s story was motivating enough. I visited every single hostel in The Hague and ended up finding the one where Casey and Emilie stayed. Unfortunately, the hostel could not give me much – they don’t keep any personal information, and even if they had, they would obviously never share it with someone who is not from the police.
However, I was able to spend a night there and to really feel the atmosphere of the story :)
Buildings are quite narrow in The Hague, which makes it quite hard to take a good photo, but here is a couple:

The Hostel

The hostel's kitchen

The kitchen - window seat

The staircase (traditionally narrow) leading to the exit

P.S.: (It was impossible to take a photo of the room – I wasn’t alone there).